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Joel's Philosophy

To run a business without knowledge is risking your money and precious time! In my past, I did a lot of mistake and go through a lot of failure. This mistake and failure teaches me the lesson that I've not found in and text book in my college. I want more businessman out there to not wasting their time and money on starting up their business. Thus, I created this community college called EduJP to give the best knowledge me and my team learnt from failure lesson to all my fellow members.  

All About RESK

RESK (Real Estate Super Knowledge) is a real estate community college that shares and teach agents and public on estate knowledge and philosophies to successfully run a real estate business that you would not lean in college or university. 

Our professional speakers collects all the failure experience in order to create a set of successful methology so that you could avoid the wrong path in your business. Joel tried the strategies and share the best method to all our fellow members.


More and more course will be coming in as time past. We discover the latest experience that could help in all business. 

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